Whole School Leadership Institute—Administrators Certificate Course

HMI is excited to host the Whole School Leadership Institute from July 7 to July 18, 2019 for three Montessori administrator courses! These courses (listed below) are designed for Montessori leaders who seek personal fulfillment and competency in their lives and work through their own optimum adult development as transformational leaders. Leading schools and educational communities that educate for human potential is a profession requiring its own comprehensive toolbox. Each course offers a hands-on, experiential and applied approach to the skills and concepts of a transformational leadership methodology within a “whole school” Montessori context.


  • AMI Administrator Certificate Course

  • Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking Course

  • Montessori Leadership—Transforming Self, Community, and Society through Effective Educational Leadership (as part of the Leadership Certificate Course from Loyola University)



Kathy Minardi, Whole School Leadership Executive Director


1010 Autrey Street
Houston, Texas 77006